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 20Yr Healing Arts Professional + Biz Mentor  

Empowering Women to Live a Life of Passion, Power and Purpose!

Self-Love * Self-Mastery * Self-Actualization 
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I support purpose-led visionary women who are ready to up-level their lives to ignite passion, build unshakeable confidence, and align with their soul's purpose so they can experience more love, joy and success!  


I specialize in guiding midlife women through pivotal life transitions—be it navigating a divorce, empty nesting, or launching entrepreneurial businesses. I view these moments as golden opportunities for self-mastery, enabling women to reinvent themselves and emerge transformed.


I have over 20 years of experience working with thousands of clients with proven results through "The Empowered Woman Method". I am a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master Trainer, Shamanic Healer, Breathwork Trainer, 500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher Trainer, Sound Healer, Podcaster, Author and Mother. 


Choose your path at different levels of investment both virtually and in-person. I offer a VIP Coaching & Course Program called "The Empowered Woman", plus "Integration Breathwork, Reiki & Sound Healing" Group Workshops; 1:1 Sessions & Certification Trainings, as well as Women's Retreats to create healing and transformation in your life.

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1:1 Integrative Life Coaching

Creates an Actionable, Solution-Based Life Path through Integrative Coaching + Healing that empowers you to work on the whole body-mind system to heal the past, breakthrough limiting beliefs and create solutions in your life and relationships.

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1:1 & Group Breathwork, Reiki & Sound Healing Sessions

Deep and powerful somatic clearing of the physical, energetic and emotional bodies through Breathwork, Reiki, Neo-Shamanic Tools, Guided Imagery, Inner Child Healing Work, Affirmations, Light Language, and Sound Healing and more. Includes 15 mins of Coaching.

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Certified Teacher Trainings, Workshops & Retreats

I offer Monthly Workshops virtually and in-person as well as our annual Women's Transformational Retreat. Additionally, our Integration Breathwork Certification Program for Facilitators and Reiki Certifications. I'm a 500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher Trainer/YACEP so my trainings offer CE credits.

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As the Creator of Your Reality, I believe you are Powerful Beyond Measure.  Yet During a Life Reinvention You May Struggle With...

Self-doubt & low self-esteem: Reinventing oneself and reaching higher potentials can be accompanied by self-doubt or feelings of inadequacy. You may wrestle with low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and the fear of not being good enough to achieve your goals.

Feeling lost or disconnected: Going through life transitions can often leave us struggling with a sense of disconnection or confusion about their identity and purpose.

Healing past wounds: Going deeper in their healing journey can bring up unresolved emotions and trauma. You may experience anxiety or worry about facing and overcoming these emotional challenges in order to move forward.

Fear of Authenticity: Cultivating self-love and authentic expression may require you to step outside your comfort zones and be vulnerable.You may worry about how others will perceive you and fear the possibility of rejection or judgment.

People Pleasing: With the tendency to prioritize others' happiness over their own. You may constantly seek approval and battle with feelings of insecurity, often neglecting their own needs and desires in the process. This can leave you  feeling disconnected from your authentic selves.

Work/Life Balance: Striving for healthier relationships can be challenging, as it often involves setting boundaries, communicating effectively, and making difficult choices. Youmay worry about maintaining harmony and balance while navigating these dynamics.

Burnout & Resentment: Giving more than you receive, leading to overwhelm 

Trusting Yourself: Difficulty in trusting others, manifesting as a lack of self-confidence or ignoring your intuition and doubting your inner voice, leading you to seek external validation.

When you change your beliefs and perceptions of the world, you can create a new way of operating in the world based on strength, power and resilience!

  • Purpose-Driven Mornings - Wake up with a sense of living life with passion and intention

  • Boost Vitality - Customized rituals to help you feel vibrant, energized and grounded.
  • Unshakeable Confidence - Tap into your real confidence without changing who you are
  • Healthy Relationship Boundaries - Loving feminine, heart-based boundaries for peace of mind

  • Magnetize Quality Relationships - Simple, effective tools to attract loving, high-quality relationships.

  • Speak with Ease - Articulatie what you want, helping you to be more authentic 
  • Aligning with Your Soul's Purpose: Align with choices, and career paths to make a positive impact in the world by fully stepping into your authentic self and overcome obstacles to achieve success!

    If you are ready to create breakthroughs, I invite you to schedule a free 15 min chat to begin your journey.

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Hi, I’m Nicole

I have been serving the health + wellness industry for over 20 years as Healing Arts Professional Mentor/Trainer and Certified Life Coach. I hold a BSBA in Marketing from Georgetown University. I am a 500 E-RYT YogaAlliance Certified Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master Trainer, Shamanic Healer, Breathwork Facilitator + Trainer, Sound Healer, Author and Mother.

You landed here because you are seeking a safe, loving, highly qualified mentor that can create the supportive container needed for deep inner work to thrive in your life, business and relationships.

I have a very diverse toolbox that I’ve collected through decades of experience with highly respected coaches, yoga teachers, shamans, and healers in the US and Peru. 

My unique flavor of coaching combines 20 years of business coaching, subtle body yogic studies, the facilitation of shamanic plant medicine circles for over a decade, trauma-informed healing and trainings, shadow work, and deep study in spiritual mystery schools.

I’ve helped thousands of students and clients transform through integrative coaching + healing programs and trainings. 

I offer a VIP Coaching & Course Program called "The Empowered Woman", plus "Integration Breathwork, Reiki & Sound Healing" Group Workshops; 1:1 Sessions & Certification Trainings, as well as Women's Retreats to create healing and transformation in women's lives. I have worked also at large festivals like Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, and Oregon Eclipse.

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