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I empower the awakened woman on her healing path to unleash her passion, power, and purpose.

Your human spirit and light is powerful beyond measure, and you’re ready to see it too!


You are on an inner journey of healing, transformation and awakening.  


You desire to do the deep inner work needed to initiate into higher states of consciousness and regain your sovereignty.

Are you here because you need support on your journey?


  • Are you hitting roadblocks that are preventing you from living confidently in your life’s purpose? 

  • Are you experiencing fear, anxiety, and overwhelm during this evolutionary leap on our planet? 

  • Do you feel ungrounded, out of balance, or uncertain about your path? 

  • Have you had moments of insecurity, unworthiness or confusion around actions you can take? 

  • Do you find yourself disorganized, overextending yourself, or procrastinating and nothing gets done?

  • Are your old patterns, beliefs and behaviors keeping you stuck in the past and this keeps you playing small and hiding?

  • Do you have trouble trusting yourself, your voice, your intuition or others?


When you change your beliefs and perceptions of the world, you can create a whole new way of operating in the world based on our strength, power and resilience!

Get started on your journey with one of my resources

Priestess Power Breathwork Ceremony

One of my most powerful tools for shifting your physical, emotional, energetic and mental processes.

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Awaken The Priestess Playshop

A powerful 15 min video workshop that helps you bust through your blocks and light up your shadow.

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Women’s Empowerment Coaching (1:1 + Groups)

My signature program "Unleash The Priestess" is an integrative coaching program and healing process that empowers spiritual entrepreneurs to unleash their passion, power and purpose to share their healing gifts with the world. Check it out here. 

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Intuitive Shamanic Healing  (Private Sessions)

Deep and powerful clearing of the physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies through a series of techniques that include Reiki, Shamanism, Guided Imagery, Inner Child Healing Work, Breathwork and Psychospiritual Coaching.

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Certified Teacher Trainings  (Workshops & Retreats)

I am certified as a trainer in the alternative holistic wellness space (yoga, reiki and breathwork) so you can become certified and start your own healing business. Freedom Breathwork + Sound Healing, 500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master Trainer.

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Get started on your journey by booking a quick clarity call with me. 

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Hi I’m Nicole

I am an Intuitive Shamanic Healing Arts professional and Women’s Empowerment coach.

You landed here because you are seeking a safe, loving, highly qualified mentor that can create the supportive container needed for deep inner work.

I have a very diverse toolbox that I’ve collected through decades of experience with highly respected coaches, yoga teachers, shamans, and healers in the US and Peru. 

I’ve helped thousands of students and clients transform through integrative coaching and healing techniques. 

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  • Gracefully put yourself first

  • Practice radical self love

  • Reclaim your power

  • Free your authentic voice

  • Clarify your vision

  • Create inspired actions


    If you are ready to create breakthroughs and reclaim your passions, power and purpose then I invite you to schedule a free 15 min chat to begin your journey.

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Priestess Power Breathwork Ceremony 

Did you know that Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools for shifting your physical, emotional, energetic and mental processes?

Today, I’m gifting you a ️FREE powerful practice, The Priestess Power Breathwork Ceremony, so you can shift  your body quickly + effectively and experience:

✨ Improved circulation
✨ Enhanced Memory
✨ Better Sleep
✨ Parasympathetic Nervous System

This ceremony also includes: Reiki Energy Medicine, Light Language and Shamanic Transmissions that can access:

💫 Inner Child Work
💫 Subconscious Programming
💫 Emotional Intelligence
💫 Downloads from Source/Higher Self

I have been studying and working in the subtle energy realms for over a decade as a transformational coachyogi, reiki master, intuitive shamanic practitioner, breathwork facilitator, ceremonialist, teacher trainer, and mother.  

I’ve worked with thousands of students and clients over this time in their transformational healing processes.

And you know what... BREATHWORK is one of THE MOST POWERFUL modalities I've come across.  And, as a plant medicine facilitator for over 10 years, that's sayin' something!