Welcome Sister,

I am here to empower you to unleash your passion, power and purpose and share your healing gifts with the world!

I believe that as you heal, you are raising the collective consciousness and awakening to your true power as a leader aligned in love and truth.

Through deep self-healing, you are able to express your desires, be confident in who you are, and align with your soul’s true calling. You are here so you can feel centered, strong, empowered and unapologetic for who you are.


You are here to reclaim your sovereignty! 


You know these things, yet you may feel:

  • Disempowered, disrespected, unworthy or not good enough   
  • Stuck in your past trauma, outdated conditions and old beliefs 
  • Lacking in confidence, passion or purpose 
  • Undeserving of abundance, freedom or love
  • Fear, overwhelm and anxiety

I am here to mentor you through a deep journey of healing and awakening to your fullest potential. 

I’m here for you to get through life’s deep initiations like career shifts, divorce, and motherhood to navigate them with safety, compassion and ease.  

  • You may be here as a woman just stepping on her healing path. 
  • You might be on your healing path but wanting to go deeper.
  • You could be going through a major transition and need support.  
  • You might be creating a spiritual business and want to up level.
Work With Me

3 Ways You Can Work With Me

Coaching (1:1 + Groups)

My signature programs are an integrative coaching and healing process that empowers women to unleash their passion, power and purpose into the world and thrive!

Healing Arts (Energy/Breathwork)  
(1:1 + Groups)

Deep and powerful clearing of the physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies through a series of techniques that include Reiki, Shamanism, Guided Imagery, Inner Child Healing Work, Breathwork and Psychospiritual Coaching.

Certified Teacher Trainings – (Workshops, Online Courses, Retreats)

I am certified as a trainer in the alternative holistic wellness space (yoga, reiki and breathwork) so you can become certified and start your own healing business. Freedom Breathwork + Sound Healing, 500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master Trainer.

Get started on your journey by booking a free 30 min clarity call with me. 

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Who I Am...

I am a Joyful, Aligned, Radiant, Soulful, Heartfelt, Powerful, Fierce, and Graceful Healer, Coach, Channeler and Teacher. 

Would you like to know how I went from shame, overwhelm and unworthiness to helping hundreds of women heal and find their passion, power and purpose?

I remember feeling caught between worlds.

In my spiritual life I felt peaceful, grounded, connected, confident and clear.  Yet in other areas like relationships and business, I felt oriented to the past - operating in fear, overwhelm, shame and unworthiness.

I would take one step forward and several steps back. I was not making money. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I felt like I didn’t have the support or ability to ‘make it’. I shamed and sabotaged myself. I realized I was lacking true passion and confidence. I was not connecting to my authentic truth and purpose.

It felt like I was out of sync or frankly going a bit crazy.  

YET at one point I got pregnant, and I thought I had it ALL….

I had a new loving relationship. 

I had a great career.

Then I became a mom.

And out of nowhere my relationship shattered.

All of a sudden I was a single mom.

And if that wasn’t hard enough, I was now totally stressed, completely broke and had no time for myself.

I found myself in the shadows of victim mentality. 

I realized I was in the shadows of people pleasing, rescuing others, and blaming circumstances.

I became very sick and unable to create anything in my life.

I was in a dark night of the soul.

I realized I was being asked by Spirit to go even deeper into my subconscious programming, and shadow behaviors - even deeper than the last decade of my inner work. 

I had not truly made peace with my past. 

I had to take responsibility for how this was affecting  my life, business and other relationships.

After this, I got private coaching. I gathered all my tools. I slowed down. I prayed and surrendered.

Then I got a download from Source while in deep ceremony. I was shown how to create deep body-mind transformation through the time-tested and powerful modalities I had been using for over a decade that combine both ancient wisdom, shadow work, new age thought and energy medicine healing.


Here are the tools that I use to transform your life:

  • Meditation to stabilize the mind 
  • Reiki energy healing, neo-shamanic healing techniques, hypnosis and breathwork practices to access the subtle body
  • Mantras, Coaching, and Self-Inquiry practices for reprogramming the subconscious
  • Dedicated embodiment practices to address the physical body.  

All of these will help you access the emotional body where the deep healing occurs.

I'm so excited to stand before you today as an empowered woman joyfully living with passion, power, and purpose. But my journey hasn't always been easy.

 Like many people, I once struggled with self-doubt, confusion about my life's purpose, and unhealthy habits like drug and alcohol addiction.

Though I held corporate jobs, deep down I felt unhappy and stifled. Addiction was my escape, and I carried the weight of past abuse. 

Everything changed in 2001 when my father passed away from AIDS. Our family had kept his illness a secret - a lie that birthed my truth. His death sent me on a 20-year journey of personal growth and  self-discovery. I embarked on the Yogic Path of Self-Mastery, and it was there that I found the keys to unlock my potential. Yoga became my guiding light, propelling me on a spiritual pilgrimage to the East.

I ventured to Nepal, where I taught Yoga and began to truly understand the profound wisdom it held. In 2008, I became a certified Yoga teacher and soon after, established my own business.

But this was just the beginning. My spiritual journey led me to Peru, where a Kundalini awakening in 2011 forever altered the course of my life. I emerged as an energy healer dedicated to total transformation. For a decade, I mentored under a Shamanic Healer, acquiring mastery in Shamanic Reiki.

I then became a Certified Life Coach and Breathwork Coach, to address the multidimensionality of the system body, energy, emotions and mind.

Over 20 years in the wellness field, I've helped thousands break through limiting beliefs, find self-love and live with passion and purpose.

Together, we've unearthed self-love, nurtured unshakable confidence, and forged the foundations of healthy relationships.

My father's passing unlocked my purpose to teach people they have the power to heal, transform, and step into the radiant light of their true selves to experience love, joy and success!

I'm grateful to stand before you today as a living testament that, with courage and perseverance, we can overcome life's challenges. By facing our darkness, we discover our light. My wish is to ignite that power within you so you too can live a life of passion, power and purpose!

I am a Certified Life Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master Trainer, Breathwork Teacher TrainerE-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher Trainer, Sound Healer, Podcaster, Author & Mother.

I have a podcast "Unleash the Priestess", as well as a co-authored book called, "Manifest Like a Goddess" that came out in Feb of 2022.

I have a Facebook community called "The Empowered Woman Visionary Collective". I offer Coaching, Intuitive Healings, Transformational Breathwork + Sound Healing Ceremonies, Women’s Empowerment Retreats, and workshops at large festivals like Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, and Oregon Eclipse Festivals.

 Nicole has been recognized as a Top Women Empowerment Coach by Coach foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.