Women's Transformational Retreats
(Sample Retreat Shasta 2022)

Are you ready to join us on our next women's transformational journey?

Experience deeply nourishing retreats that blend ancient wisdom, sacred feminine arts, empowering rituals, and transformative women's work, creating a healing space for growth and expansion.

Tap into your passions, reclaim your authentic power, and live heart-aligned to your soul's purpose!

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Our next women's retreat is Oct 10 - 13th, 2024 in Mount Shasta.

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"I am incredibly grateful for your women’s retreats. The Shasta retreat was nothing short of life-changing for me. It provided a profound opportunity for grieving, releasing deep-seated trauma, and embarking on a journey of healing that I never imagined possible.

Returning home, I felt a powerful momentum. Just a few months after attending your retreat, I found my dream house and also discovered I was pregnant. Allowing me to grieve the loss of my father, opened things up and made life more manageable through the insights and strength I gained from the retreat.

Your mastery and extensive experience are evident in everything you do. You  embody so much wisdom. You are truly phenomenal at what you do, making each retreat an invaluable experience. To me, you are worth a million bucks! The embodiment of your teachings and the training you provide are worth their weight in gold.

Thank you for everything!"

~ Becky White, Therapist, MFT, Root to Rise in LA

Photo Credit @ Carly Arnwine