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3 Keys to Elevate Your Relationship:
Speak Your Truth Fearlessly, Cultivate Healthy Boundaries, and Create Deep Loving Connection!

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Tuesday, Feb 20 10-12pm
Thursday, Feb 22 5-7pm

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I want to support you in being a confident, authentic woman who relishes in deep connection and feels empowered in her relationship.

As women, we often find ourselves grappling with the challenge of expressing our deepest desires in our relationship. It's a common struggle rooted in the fear of hurting someone's feelings, the scars left by past toxic relationships.

Over time, many of us have unwittingly adopted people-pleasing behaviors, silenced our voices, and learned to suppress our authentic selves.

 We attract relationships that leave us feeling unloved, unheard, and quietly resentful.

My unwavering mission is for you to gain the confidence to fearlessly speak your truth, forging deeper, more authentic connections that emanate from a place of inner alignment and strength so you can have more intimacy, closeness and fun!

I’m offering an upcoming FREE workshop for women…

3 Keys to Elevate Your Relationship:
Speak Your Truth Fearlessly, Cultivate Healthy Boundaries, and Create Deep Loving Connection!

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Here is what I will cover:


Rekindle Relationship Clarity: Together, we can conduct a “relationship audit” to uncover your true desires and express the things you've been afraid to say.

Explore Relationship Triggers: Gain insight into your current relationship dynamics and identify core beliefs about yourself This process will help you shed fears and doubts, enabling more lighthearted self-expression.

Energize Your Connections: Dive into the joy of energetic awareness, releasing blockages that may have dimmed your light and playfulness. This allows you to ignite passionate connections that sizzle with vibrancy.

Radiate Compassionate Communication: Express your truth with grace and ease, even amidst conflict. This approach enables engaging conversations that deepen your connection rather than creating defensiveness. Allowing you to be truly lovingly seen and heard in your relationships

Cultivate Healthy Boundaries: Create an even deeper sense of connection with clarity and confidence. This process also helps you nurture your personal needs.

Join our transformative workshop and unlock the potential for truly fulfilling relationships with clarity, confidence, and authenticity.
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Hi, I'm Nicole Ananda

I am a Certified Life Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master Trainer, Breathwork Coach & Trainer, 500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher Trainer, Sound Healer, Podcaster, Author, and Mother.

I have over 20 years of experience working  renowned coaches, educators, spiritual teachers & thousands of clients, achieving proven results through my online courses, workshops, women’s retreats, and trainings.

My own path was marked by overcoming self-doubt, addiction, and the weight of past abuse. My journey led me to profound spiritual experiences and deep wisdom, which I have channeled into empowering individuals to break free from limiting beliefs, build confidence, and live with passion and purpose.

One of the main pillars of all my self-mastery education is supporting women to create healthy, joyful, and authentic relationships through effective and sustainable communication tools.

This is a picture of my blended family. Next to me is my 8-year old son Yeshua. My life partner is Dr. Ray Doktor and his 9-year old son Max. We love to create couples experiences together.

Ray earned his doctoral degree in clinical psychology and for more than 30 years, he has assisted over 6K clients in overcoming challenges, equipping them with life tools to enhance their relationships, family life, and overall happiness.


"I feel like this program lifted the veil that led to clarity around around making some substantial, difficult life decisions. I recognized I was not able to speak my needs and desires and therefore was unable to live my truth within my relationships.  I now have tools that I can practice and I now know how to listen to my body, my feelings and myself through a trusting lens. I feel empowered by the ability to make decisions and changes that are aligned with who I am." ~Hannah, Executive Producer

"My self-awareness and understanding have grown exponentially. I have learned that speaking my truth and creating boundaries is a necessity I know now fully I am the architect to create the life I desire.

This program was beautiful, thoughtful, and comprehensive.

I plan to make this work a lifelong journey of ongoing growth."

Melanie Venter-Roit, Public Relations Executive

"I let go of my perfectionism and need to people please - existing in a career that society deems successful and admirable, but does not bring me joy. I set out on this journey to gain understanding of myself and my purpose and to speak this clearly based on what I desired. I would describe this as a transformational healing journey + future planning to live a life designed by you." ~Sara, Marketing Executive