Ways To Work With Me

Women’s Empowerment Coaching (1:1 + Groups)

My signature program "Unleash The Priestess" is an integrative coaching and healing program that empowers spiritual entrepreneurs to unleash their passion, power and purpose to share their healing gifts with the world. LIVE Coaching + recorded teachings, tools, processes and more.

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Intuitive Healing Sessions (60 min to VIP Days)

Deep and powerful clearing of the physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies through a series of techniques that include Reiki, Shamanism, Guided Imagery, Inner Child Healing Work, Breathwork and Psychospiritual Coaching.

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Certified Teacher Trainings Workshops & Retreats

I am certified as a trainer in the alternative holistic wellness space (yoga, reiki and breathwork) so you can become certified and start your own healing business. Freedom Breathwork + Sound Healing, 500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master Trainer.

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Women's Empowerment Integrative Healing + Coaching 

Unleash the Priestess Within & Thrive 

My signature 12 week LIVE coaching and healing intensive program that empowers spiritual entrepreneurs to unleash their passion, power and purpose and share their healing gifts with the world! 
combine Reiki, Neo-Shamanism, Inner Child Healing Work, Breathwork and the powerful architecture of the chakra system to create life-changing, multidimensional healing. I pair this with one-on-one live coaching to create self-love practices, goals and accountability for your soul-aligned visions. 

You are here to THRIVE! 

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Here’s some free resources that give you a little taste... 

Awaken the Priestess 

15-Min Playshop + PDF Guide 

Bust through your blocks and light up your shadow. 

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Embody the Priestess Challenge

4–Day Free Challenge 

FREE 4- Day Challenge to illuminate your shadow and rise into feminine power. 

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Intuitive Healing Sessions 

Private one-on-one healings for powerful clearing of the physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies through a series of unique processes and techniques to create profound self-love, awareness and heart connection.  

FIRST SESSION IS A CLIENT INTAKE 2 HOURS which includes inner child work, and an energy extraction.

All other Healing Sessions range from 60 min to VIP Days. Click here for a variety of Healing Packages.

Book a 15 min clarity call if you have any questions on these packages.

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Here’s some resources that give you a little taste... 

Breathwork Ceremony Free Healing Session

Shift your body quickly + effectively and experience: Improved circulation, Enhanced Memory, Better Sleep, and Relaxation. This can access the subconscious limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living in your Highest Self.

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Chord Cutting Ceremony Digital Masterclass  

I’d like to invite you to my #1 tool that clients love because of the powerful shifts they experience from it. Through relaxation and powerful intention, you can get to the origins of your core conditioning quickly. You can access your subconscious mind and your childhood to literally re-write narratives and live more presently and fully through clearing your emotions.  

As a result, you will find forgiveness, self-love, reclaim your power and align with your soul. 

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Certified Teacher Trainings 

(Workshops & Retreats)

Certified Teacher Trainings 

I am a E-RYT 500 Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master + Breathwork Trainer.   

Reiki – Level I, II, Advanced + Master

For upcoming dates + info contact: [email protected]

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Healing Arts + Breathwork Facilitator Program - Become a Certified Breathwork Facilitator + Healer:

5 Modules + Full Week In-Person Training Click Here 

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