Intuitive Healing Packages
(online or in-person) 

Some of the primary benefits of the healing packages include: 

  • Awareness, healing and transformation around early childhood development, programming and trauma-release
  • Forgive your past, remove karmic ties, vows and past life agreements to gain self-mastery over your life
  • Release energetic, emotional and mental blocks to align your chakras and your natural energetic flow state.
  • Reclaim your power and live your life confidently to share your gifts and talents in the world.
  • Connect to your guides, angels and spiritual allies to receive clarity and support for your life
  • Live in alignment with your Soul’s Divine Purpose! 

    The first session will include Full Client Intake with Inner Child Healing + Energy Extraction. Leave up to 2 hours.

Healing Packages


(1.15 hours) 

  • Spiritual Coaching - 30 min 
  • Shamanic Reiki Healing 
  • Transformational Breathwork w Essential Oils (restorative lying down ceremonial practice)
  • Sound Healing + Light Language
  • Integration

 ** First visit is 2 hours with consult/intake


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 (2.5 hours)

  • Spiritual Coaching - 30 min
  • Shamanic Reiki Healing 
  • Transformational Breathwork w Essential Oils (restorative lying down)
  • Sound Healing+Light Language

1 "A La Carte" process (See Menu Below)

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(5 hours)

  • Spiritual Coaching - 30 min 
  • Shamanic Reiki Healing 
  • Transformational Breathwork w Essential Oils (restorative practice lying down)
  • Sound Healing/Light Language
  • 2 "A la Carte" Processes (See Menu Below)
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A La Carte Services: 

These sessions can ONLY be booked after an initial "Awaken Session" with consultation.

Shamanic Reiki with Essential Oils - Energy work, Divinely guided universal life force energy that provides gentle and powerful healing of the whole body.  Accessing the unseen spiritual realms for guidance. 

Transformational Breathwork with Essential Oils  - This style of Breathwork provides a rapid transformation on all levels. This is a yin practice of deep relaxation paired with a full cleansing of the whole energetic system. This brings connection to your Higher Self, Source and Clarity on your path. 

Soul Retrieval - Learn to connect with the inner child that was hidden way due to early childhood trauma.  Reclaim the Innocent Child within you that you hid away to protect.   

Shamanic Drum Journey - Journey to the Lower, Middle or Upper realms of consciousness to retrieve power, heal, or connect to a spiritual guide and bring these wisdom teachings back to your life. 

Inner Child Healing/Reparenting - After a Soul Retrieval, we play with the Whole + Holy perfect innocent being and learn how to integrate her wisdom into your being for full connection to Source. 

Chakra Cleansing + Balancing -  This brings centeredness and increased vital energy.  We locate the chakras are in overflow and lack and bring the body into full balance and alignment. 

Chord Cutting - This is an opportunity to cut energetic ties to past lovers, ancestors or relationships that keep you stuck in the past.  This is an opportunity to forgive yourself for holding on, and to see the greater teaching. 

Energy Extractions - A powerful process to release dense energies that can cause sickness

Sound Healing - The alchemy of a variety of harmonic frequencies that brings about a deep relaxation and connection to the Divine. It brings the body back into resonance. 

Light Language - The pearls of wisdom teachings travel directly to your heart along rays of light. It bypasses your need for logical understanding and awakens your own direct knowing of Source. It’s a cellular soul remembrance of who you are, here to anchor your higher self here on Earth. 

Yin Yoga - Lower paced style of meditative yoga designed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centers of the body.

Spiritual Coaching* - As a certified life coach, spiritual practitioner for over 13 years, I’m here to empower you to discover what your Higher Self needs for healing. I will help to uproot this information with you to get you unstuck. I offer a 1/2 hour free for full priced healings.

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